Lasse Kuusisto - Taekwon-Do CV

Lasse Kuusisto
6th Degree
International Instructor No: 1662
ITF Teaching Plaque: 3005
International Umpire class \"A\" No: 1130
1989Beginners course in Vammala
19941st degree black belt: FL-1-64, graduated by Fikret Güler, VI dan
20022nd degree black belt: FL-2-61, graduated by Marko Lieke V dan
20053rd degree black belt: FL-3-28, graduated by Master Tran Trieu Quan VIII dan and Grand Master Van Binh IX dan
20094th degree black belt: FL-4-21, graduated by Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Trajtenberg and Master Bos
20135th degree black belt: FL-5-17, graduated by Master Marko Lieke VII dan
20196th degree black belt: FL-6-x, graduated by Grand Master Hector Marano IX Dan & Grand Master Ung Kim Lan IX Dan
I was an assistant instructor in Vammala Taekwon-Do club in 1990's giving a beginners course and few lessons. After I moved to Tampere I started to train in local Club. Since 2002 I have conducted classes regurlarly in Tampere Taekwon-Do club for beginners, color belts and also black belts. In January 2012 Sastamala Taekwon-Do needed an instructor and I started conducting classes also there. I'm also a co-founder of Tampereen Yliopiston Taekwon-Do (Tampere University ) which started on 2012 and established on 2013. I'm also conducting some classes for the club.
At the beginning of 2019 I was appointed as the head instructor of Sastamala Taekwon-Do
2xxxII-tason junioriohjaajakoulutus
2017III-tason valmentajakoulutus
Competition Career Highlights
  • World Champion - Junior Team Power Test (ITF Junior World Championships 1995 - Varsow, Poland)
  • 2x Silver medalist in European Championships: Power Test (2008) & Team Power Test (2009)
  • 3x Bronze medalist in European Championships: Patterns (2007), Team Patterns & Team Sparring (2004)
  • Six times Finnish Champion in Patterns (2002-2004,2006,2008,2009)
  • Participated three times to World Championships (1995,2003,2007)
  • Participated six times to European Championships (2003,2004,2006-2009)
2008 and 2009 I was coaching Henna Majanen in patterns. She won the gold medal in first degree patterns in European Championships 2009 held in Benidorm, Spain
Courses and Seminars attended
2003SITF Umpire Course, Tampere
2005International Seminar in Finland conducted by master Tran & Grand Master Van Binh
200616th ITF International Instructors Course in Dorking, England
200944th ITF International Instructors Course in Miesbach, Germany
2010ITF International Umpire Course in Villorba, Italy
201164th ITF International Instructors Course in Oulu. Finland
2012ITF International Umpire Course in Limerick, Ireland.
201378th ITF International Instructors Course in Tralee, Co.Kerry, Ireland.
2013ITF International Umpire Course in Benidorm, Spain
2015ITF International Instructors Course in Tampere, Finland
2016ITF International Umpire Course in Dublin, Ireland.
2018ITF International Umpire Course in Miesbach, Germany.
20193rd ITF International Do Course in Oulu, Finland
2019ITF International Instructors Course in Espoo, Finland
International Umpire activities
2007AETF Euro Cup in Tampere, Finland
2011ITF World Championships in Wellington, New Zealand
2011AETF European Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia
2012AETF European Championships in Maribor, Slovenia
2012ITF World Cup in Brighton, UK
2013AETF European Championships in Skövde, Sweden
2013ITF World Championships in Benidorm, Spain
2014AETF European Cup in Budapest, Hungary
2017ITF World Championships in Dublin, Ireland
2019ITF World Championships in Inzell, Germany
2015member of the organizing team of ITF International Instructors Course in Tampere, Finland
2016member of the organizing committee and IT Chief of the AETF European Championships in Tampere, Finland
2003ITF Taekwon-Do Finland Umpire of the year award 2003.
2008Tampere Taekwon-Do Club's Chairman of the Board (2008-2013)
2009ITF Taekwon-Do Finland's Chairman of the Umpire and Tournament Committee (2009-2011)
2009ITF Taekwon-Do Finland Umpire of the year award 2009
2010ITF Taekwon-Do Finland Umpire of the year award 2010
2012ITF Taekwon-Do Finland's Chairman of the Umpire Committee (2012-present)
2013Tampereen Yliopiston Taekwon-Do's Chairman of the Board (2013-present)
2013ITF Taekwon-Do Finland Umpire of the year award 2013.
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